Chocolate Fudge Cake with Perfect Vanilla Frosting

If I were to choose the perfect chocolate cake, this would be it. The cake is moist, dark and tastes like chocolate. Some chocolate cakes don’t taste like chocolate you know. The fudge filling is rich and thick but not too sweet. The vanilla frosting is silky smooth, pipes beautifully and melts on my tongue. Once I cut into this cake, I like to close my eyes and take a deep breath allowing the aromas of chocolate, sugar and vanilla to penetrate my brain. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is the startling contrast between the fluffy white frosting and deep brown, almost black, cake. This cake gives me the full sensory experience I crave in a dessert.

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iBake – Divinely Simple Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls – the epitome of breakfast pastry, yet the perfect recipe can be so illusive.

Cinnamon Rolls by

Dry and crumbly is the worst offender in my opinion, followed by bland, over baked and lastly under baked. You see, there are a lot of ways to make a cinnamon roll not only unworthy of consuming the sugar and empty calories, but just a down right day ruiner. Is that overly dramatic? I think not. No, it explains it perfectly with no drama at all. Before you skip over to a more optimistic blog let me tell you, there’s only good news from here! Simple, divine, delectable, delicious cinnamon rolls can be yours with a minimal amount of effort, expense and dishes to be washed. Yep, a celebration, including cinnamon rolls, is in order.

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