Hello again dear reader…

After several years I finally figured out how to log back in. So, all that to say, “I’m back!”  I hope to have some great recipes and ideas for you as this year goes by. 

I wonder how you have been and what favorite sites you have been visiting while I was away. 

We made Christmas cookies. 

We made pies for the Brahm pie festival. Sadly, we did not place this year. I overbaked those pies. 

We made anniversary cupcakes for a sweeter than cakes couple and made some yummy lemon and vanilla sponge cakes.

I have had many more culinary experiences at home and abroad, but that will have to wait for a future post. 

Happy Saturday and hopefully many more. 

Orange Gumdrop Cake

In December and January I feel I must eat as many California oranges as I can. I can picture them; sweet, juicy orbs hanging from the California trees, absorbing the vitality of the sunshine in which they bask. Hey, in the middle of a Minnesota winter, I’ll take California sunshine anyway I can get it, even baked into a cake.


This cake is one of those baking stories where I tempted fate and dared myself to succeed in an arena where winging it almost always leads to failure. Succeed I did according to my nephew who exuberantly declared this to be, “The best cake I have ever had,” my son who asked for a second piece, and my daughter who knowing the story behind the cake confidently whispered, “It’s good mom.” Continue reading