iBake – Focaccia Crust Pizza Pie with a Banana Milk-“shake”

I like to involve my kids in cooking and baking whenever possible.  I have found that the more they touch, smell and interact with the food they eat, the more they enjoy what they eat.  When they enjoy what they are eating, they eat more of what they are eating.  Since I primarily make homemade food using healthful and fresh ingredients I like it when they eat age appropriate portions.  I also like not having a fridge full of leftovers.  I am all about the win-win.  This is a great, kid-friendly recipe in that your kids can easily help make it and will likely devour it as well.  You can pile it up with veggies underneath the cheese and serve it with a delicious frozen fruit and milk-“shake”, like this banana one we enjoy.  Boom!  Homemade, family friendly, nutritious, delicious, need I say more?  20140213-173110.jpg

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iBake – Buffalo Chicken Hand Pies

Last week my hubs took me to one of my favorite local restaurants – Birchwood Cafe. I was particularly hungry for something hot (BTW – what’s up with the total failure of global warming to transform Minnesota into a tropical paradise by now?) and filling, like a juicy steak! This place caters to vegans so no steak, as a matter of fact there was no beef at all on the menu that day. I took a leap of faith and ordered, then cheerfully devoured, a squash hand pie. Continue reading