Healthi-er Cinnamon Roll Cake

This baking adventure started with a craving, as usual. I wanted cinnamon rolls without the prep or clean-up time. I headed to Pinterest and found a good looking cinnamon roll cake recipe then decided to healthify it.

I’m satisfied with the results but might play with it some more to get it even healthier. It was a satisfying Saturday afternoon snack that didn’t send me to bed with a sugar hangover.

This recipe from Pinterest was my inspiration. Looks good, right?

I swapped out some of the flour for almond meal and coconut flour and some of the sugar for my new favorite THM sweet blend. It is completely different tasting than other stevia baking products I have tried. As in better, way, way, way better.

I kind of ruined the healthier effect by using a powdered sugar glaze on top. I really need to bite the bullet and order some powdered Swerve. I’m completely out of powdered sugar so maybe today is the day.

Actually, being out of powdered sugar is the reason my glaze is such an odd color. I almost didn’t take pictures because the color is quite off putting. I’m out of powdered sugar, but had some left over blue-tinted sour cream frosting from last week’s sugar cookies. Once I blended that with extra butter, cream cheese and strongly brewed coffee, it was the perfect glaze for this cake. The color was just strange.

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