Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe I made these and that it was my idea. This was my worst idea EVER. My day had been perfectly easy and relaxing up to the point that I volunteered to make these. I had even given myself a homemade facial and cleaned the kitchen myself, because I wanted to. It was that kind of a day because in two days we go on vacation. You know how hectic the two days before vacation are, right? I needed to relax so I could get ready for vacation – makes sense.

The actual process, oreos, peanut butter cup, dip in chocolate, wasn’t my idea. I got it from these brainy people at My idea was to make enough of these for all the dad’s at church on Sunday and write some cute little saying on top. This project probably would have been a lot easier if I had my engineer to tell me the best way to do it. That’s another reason this was my worst idea ever. My hubs, the aforementioned engineer, was gone all night (literally) helping my dad finish another one of his amazing Mustang restorations.
Well, now that I’m 100 they are finally done and my kids declare they are great. I tried one and they reminded me of eating a Cadbury Egg once. It was so sweet I actually got sick. Yep, these are just like that. Dad’s should really like them.
If you decide to make them, don’t be scared. has an excellent tutorial, so I won’t repeat that, but here are a few tips:
Have a helper or two
If you are making three or four dozen allow yourself several hours
Squish your peanut butter cups between your palms while still in the wrapper and then put it between the cookie pieces
Put the assembled, un-dipped cookies in the freezer while you melt your chocolate so that the peanut butter cup doesn’t melt and slide all over when you dip it.
I used a package of chocolate candy melt (chocolate flavored almond bark) instead of chocolate chips. One package will dip approximately 40 cookie sandwiches.
Put your finished cookie straight into a silver candy cup if you want to save time and don’t care about a “perfect” presentation. It will pop right out once cooled.
Submerge about five cookies in your chocolate at a time. Take them out, set them in the wrapper or on something plastic to cool. Put sprinkles on right away before going to the next batch.
Have a pan with a little steamy water on your stove during this project. If your chocolate starts to firm up, remove the pan, put your bowl (glass or metal only) into the steamy water and stir to smooth out your chocolate again. Once it’s smooth, put the pan back on the stove to keep warm and resume dipping.
Drink lots of water when you eat these!



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