Accidental Molten Chocolate Cupcakes

What’s a baker to do when she’s making cupcakes for a wedding, accidentally doubles the sugar during a recipe conversion and ends up with 6 dozen overflowing tulip lined cupcakes? If she has some experience and a sense of humor, she will remain calm, rename them “mini molten cakes” and give them away as fast as possible because they are so stinking good she would be tempted to eat several dozen herself!

Baking is chemistry. Its scientific nature is what trips most people up. It requires precision and careful attention to detail which is why me being able to bake is as unlikely and miraculous as a bee being able to fly. I bake because I was created to bake and it truly defies all human logic and scientific explanation that my baked goods turn out as they should most of the time.
Let me explain. I’ve had practical strangers comment on my tendency toward ADD-like behavior. It’s that obvious. I think baking saved me in a way. My desire to be an accomplished baker was so strong I would force my mind to pay attention while I read recipes, many times reading the same recipe aloud over and over before I started. A baking failure would always fuel my determination to be more careful the next time so that I could succeed. I learned to slow down, to be sure, to read a recipe before I did anything else, to set out all my ingredients, to keep distractions to a minimum, and to keep my work area clean as I went. I also had to be patient with myself, to forgive myself, and to allow myself the time, energy and resources it took to grow.
I was shocked to find out that some recipe failures were not due to my lack of focus or skill, but could be accredited to a bad recipe. As my skills developed, I learned to analyze a recipe before I even made it. I watched other experienced bakers and sought out their tips and tricks. I also learned to trust my instincts when it comes to flavor and texture combinations and how to salvage almost any “recipe disaster”.
Most of all I learned, “Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously. It’s only food!”

To see the recipe and how I used this accident to make an extremely delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake, go to my post here.  These cupcakes were well received by everyone who ate them, but I must insist you serve them with a scoop of the best vanilla ice cream you can find and perhaps some warm chocolate sauce.  Enjoy!


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