iBake – Sugar Cookie Triumph

This will be a short and sweet post!  Short in part because the originator of this recipe has requested the recipe be linked to rather than posted and sweet because, well, it’s about sugar cookies!  Actually, this is quite possibly THE recipe for sugar cookies.  I can almost guarantee that they will get you invited back to parties, win the respect and admiration of your co-workers, family members and complete strangers should they be so lucky to try your cookies.  I dare say, they might even get you a marriage proposal (if that’s what you’re looking for and your Mr. or Miss “right” isn’t gluten-intolerant, vegetarian, or -> diabetic).

The original recipe can be found at Vintage Revival, but for my cookies I added vanilla to both the cookie and the frosting recipe.  I also substituted a very thick (Trader Joe’s Organic) greek yogurt for the sour cream in the frosting recipe.  DO NOT OVER BAKE these cookies.  You aren’t going for brown!  8 minutes is perfect if you have an even temperature oven.  I made some that were twice the size of my regular cookies and over baked them at 12 minutes.  I think 10 would’ve been about right.  My kids raved about these cookies.  My dad raved about these cookies.  My husband raved about these cookies.  They used words like, fantastic, amazing, perfect, sooooo good, words can’t describe these cookies, just right.  They drooled.  They raised their eyebrows and rolled their eyes.  They ate them for breakfast.  They ran home from school so they could eat one.  They headed straight for the kitchen after work with a big smile on their faces and a cookie in their hand.

There is a long-standing debate at my house about how a sugar cookie should taste.  I grew up with a sugar cookie recipe that was heavy on the butter, that could be pressed with a glass dipped in sugar or rolled and cut out.  It’s flavorful, somewhat delicate, not too sweet and can end up a little on the crisp side.  Perfect for me.  It’s possible I’ve made it hundreds of times with my grandmother, my mother and my own children.

Sugar cookie drama, stage left – enter my hubs.  He grew up with a sugar cookie recipe which he can neither produce nor exactly describe, but to which none of my lowly sugar cookies quite match up.  Hmh – phllll (yes, I stick my tongue out when he doesn’t think I’m as wonderful as I think I am).


Because of my hubs insistence that there is a better recipe out there somewhere, I keep my eye open when I’m on Pinterest and have now tried many different recipes.  Last year, I actually found this recipe which trumped my childhood recipe for rolled sugar cookies.  It holds it’s shape beautifully and is my newest go to for rolled and decorated cookies.  It’s foolproof, tasty, quite simple and requires NO CHILLING, blah, blah.  I may change my mind in the future, but for now I have sworn I will not try any more sugar cookie recipes (um, that was before I tried this one, so I guess that’s one promise I might not be able to keep).


I originally saw the picture that prompted me to make these cookies on The Girl Who Ate Everything, but the actual recipe and their story came from her friend at Vintage Revivals.  The Girl Who Ate Everything has quite a nice pictorial tutorial and her pictures make it worth checking out her blog- they are so good.  Actually, it was her photography that lured me in, then I read her entire blog, and then I went over to Vintage Revivals.  Of course, I debated about making the recipe because I had SWORN I wouldn’t make any more sugar cookie recipes.  The unusual combination of ingredients made it nearly impossible to resist.  I only had a little bit of all-purpose flour left so I started to measure it out.  I must have been destined to make these cookies because I had EXACTLY the correct amount of flour left in my bag.  I was convinced and obviously I made the cookies.


By the way this makes 6 1/2 dozen “regular” sized cookies.  That’s a lot.  I got to pass out cookies to family and friends and still had enough left for my kids to eat them for a few days.  I will be making these cookies again – probably tomorrow – there are only 5 left – make that 3.


2 thoughts on “iBake – Sugar Cookie Triumph

    • Hey dasies girl, thank you for the compliment. I hope you get to try these soon. Every time I make them they are gone in a minimum of two days, and it makes quite a large batch. They’d be perfect with some fancied up cream cheese and fresh fruit on top for individual party desserts, too!

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