iBake – Chocolate Bottom Peanut Butter Pie

I have had a seriously unquenchable craving for chocolate and peanut butter.  It all started when I made a batch of “healthier” chocolate peanut butter cups.  More about that recipe later.  Let’s move on to the reason for this pie post.  Three triple batches of peanut butter cups later and I was on the hunt for more chocolate-peanut butter combinations.  Technically – iDon’tBake for this pie.  That’s right, no baking!  Wait for it:   it’s also Paleo, gluten-free and some might say, healthy.  I don’t say it’s healthy.  I would say it’s healthier.  “Healthier than what?” you might ask.  Well, thank you.  I’m glad you asked!  Healthier than a lot of things that don’t even taste this good.

Paleo – nope, I’m not on that diet.  Gluten-free – no, I don’t have that restriction.  Delicious, healthier alternatives, not having to turn on my oven every time I want something chocolate and peanut butter – yes, yes and yes.  Those are the reasons I will make this mousse-textured tart again.

Have you visited Chocolate Covered Katie yet?  I’ve followed her blog for quite a while and like everything I have made of hers.  I pretty much trust her taste buds now.  The filling for this pie came from her web-post of Sept 9, 2013  I made the larger version to give me enough filling for the tart pan I used.  My hubs and kids didn’t prefer the combination of peanut butter and banana, but I think more peanut butter would solve the problem.  I really liked it the way it was.

The crust came from a dessert I made which I actually considered a failure as a whole, but knew I would end up using the pieces of later for my own desserts.  These Raw Nanaimo Bars just didn’t cut it for me when I originally made them, mostly because I had the real deal when I did an internship in Canada.  As memory serves they were insanely rich, creamy, buttery, and basically delicious.  However, I have found myself craving the raw version several times since I made them.  I was happy to revisit the recipe at least in part now.  I used a double recipe of just the crust and it made a nice, thick chocolate base for all that peanut butter.

The last, and quite possibly most decadent element, came from the chocolate peanut butter cup recipe I mentioned earlier.  The chocolate drizzle on the top of this pie is the chocolate portion of this recipe for double peanut butter cups.

This combination recipe pulls together in about 20 minutes and then needs to chill in the fridge.  It’s easy, nutritious and yummy, but wouldn’t travel or picnic well.  That’s alright with me if this dessert is my favorite.  It’s also okay if it has to stay in the fridge or freezer.  That means I can enjoy it guilt free, little sliver by little sliver, whenever I have a chocolate, peanut butter or ice cream craving.   Win!

2 thoughts on “iBake – Chocolate Bottom Peanut Butter Pie

    • I am so glad you enjoyed the photo, but don’t be concerned about giving this recipe a try. It is full of good for you ingredients. The combination of natural sugars, fiber and healthy fats will help you feel full, satiate your sweet tooth and shouldn’t give the sugar spike that refined sugar and white flour treats will. Of course, every person responds differently to ingredients and bananas are quite high in natural sugars as are the dates in the crust, but I have been eating a small slice of this for breakfast on the days I work and I stay full while at the same time feeling like I just had a treat. These, in combination with the fact that I know I have nothing to feel guilty about and I didn’t spend $3 on a pastry at a coffee shop gives a great start to my work days.

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